2012-03-30 07:13:19 (UTC)

I'm Guessing

Today is a bad day?
Because it only rains on my bad days.
It would be the expected way to start Spring Break. Finally, it's our time now.

I made myself look like such an idiot in front of him today. I'm such a gay freshman...
And I asked him if I could talk to him and he said anytime, just find him in lunch...

Made my heart flutter. I dunno why...why am I raising my hopes? I feel like....Kerofsky.

Is it weird? I'm beginning to do unnatural psychic things. For example, the other day, I stumbled upon an upperclassman's page whom I didn't know. Then I ended up meeting them a day later...another example was that a random thought of someone popped into my head while I was doing dishes, for like a good 10 minutes. And when I went to check my FB, he had commented on my status. He never comments on my stuff, ever.

I don't want to tell anyone because 1) they're going to ask that stupid shit that makes them not believe me. 2) I don't want to make it seem to anyone I'm insane, because I'm just as shocked/disbelieving as well...and 3) I'm afraid I could spoil the gift.
Maybe God gave it to me. I'm lucky no one reads these anymore.

Because I love a lot of people...and I don't have time to practice my insanity.

Get out of my mind.