Confessions of a married woman
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2012-04-12 15:28:51 (UTC)

An actual converstaion

It's has been a while since I've chatted with A, but he does pop up one in a while to say hi or to make his presence known. Last night I was just full of energy. I had this adrenline going that I wanted to do so much stuff last night. I cleaned my kitchen, my room, and I still didn't want to go to bed. It must have been the workout that I had. It was amazing too. I had never finished that Zumba DVD without stopping and lollygagging. I did it straight through. That was fun. Plus I learn new dancing moves! Woohoo! A few weeks ago my good friend A and I went to a Bachata 4 hour bootcamp. For those of you that don't know Bachata is a latin dance. I had a blast, actually we both did. I thought it was going to be a pain in the but as the day before we got roasted, it was St. Patty's Day actually, but we worked out the hangover with lots of fun :D! Anyway, point of my entry. I could not for the love of me go to sleep, it was a 12:18 am and I got a message... from who!!?!? Oh behold my hear, YES from A! Of course... i got overly excited and for him I'm like AAA, always know this has been the only conversation that has had somewhat of a meaning with him. I miss him so much! Anyway here it is:

A: Hey, you up?
Me: yea
A: How come
Me: I dunno can't sleep
A: That either
Me: Yes it does suck
A: What is new with you
Me: Nada same ole w u?
A: Not much
Me: How is civilian life? Get used to it already?
A: Nah..never will
Me: Sure you will
A: Doubt it
A: How's your life
Me:ehh could use a make over
Me: a-z make over
A: Why?
Me: there is always room for improvement
Me: yours?
A: Like...
A: My life is fine
Me: like letting go of my living situation for example
Me: good to hear
A: what's wrong with your living situation
Me: its no way to live common i live w my x
A: yea..that sucks
Me: totally
A: is he there now?
Me: Yea
A: are you completely divorced?
Me: No
Me: Paperwork has been filed
A: you mean i fucked a married woman????
Me: Oh common assss if you didnt know
A: lol
A: true
A: Just messing with you
Me: plus you were or are married too
Me: Cancels out
Me: lol
A: How long will it take
Me: haaaa it was filed in 09
A: wtf is taking so long
Me: we haven't done the settlement
Me: i dunno
Me: i'm waiting on him
A: so do it
A: why?
Me: Idk..i'm scared
A: ok...
A: Enjoy being scarred and living in that situation
me: I don't enjoy it
Me: I'm working on it...
Me: just takes time
A: just takes some balls
me: that too
A: so get em
A: and get'er done
me: i promise I'm trying .. i just neeeded mental help... shrink is helpin a lot
A: Dork.. just do it
me: I will :)
A: I'm sure your sex life is suffering too..
me: lolol
A: I'm serious... you need to get laid
me: I do!
A: So get out there, make it happen
me: I'm fine wo it though
a: no you're not
me: yes I am
a: no you're not
me: i am
a: not
Me: i'm celibate (LOLOLO)
a: really...?
me: si
me: for now
a: ok...what if i came over
me: I'd make you a cup of coffee
a: right
me: whats that mean
a: it means I dont believe you
me: i have self control lol
a: right
me besides I said "for now"
me: I do have self control
a: not with me
me: haha
A: yup
me: you're absolutley right your hard to resist
a: laugh it up
a: You're* :)
me: i'm not
a: i'm correcting you
me: thanks spelling policr
me: police*
A: Police*
A: lol
me: if there is one thing that annoys me is not knowing those differences
a: you dont' know them?
me: he's ..his..their...they're...etc..
me: i do
a: then...
me: it was a one timer...cut me some slack
a: than
me: lol
a: sure it was
a: so what are you doing now
me: laying down it's hard to type, hence the error. What are you doing?
a: what are you wearing
me: a smile
a: listening to my dog snore
me: awee mine is snoring too
a: you're too prudish
me: she always does. what kind of dog do you have?
a: you don't have a dog
a: you have an overgrown hovering yelp machine
me: huh??!
a: pitbull
me: how am i being prudish
a: you're not being, you are
me: how so
(he sent me a picture of his doggy,beautiful black shiny pitbull)
a: common really?
me: yes really
a: you are
a: and you knwo it
me: how cuteeee! (his dog)
a: that my boy
me: is that a bad thing
a: it is what it is
a: honestly, it's kinda fun
me: well i want your opinion
a: especially whe I get you to talk durrty
me: you like that i'ma good girl
a: you're prudish cuz you always resist what you want to do.. even tho you know you're going to do it anyway
a:you're not a good girl
a: you pretend to be
me: lolol that's not always the case
a: oh?
me: whatttt
me: i'm a good girl
a: you're a good person but not a "good girl"
me: I think every woman has a wildside
me: well w ui'm not
a: true..
a: i'm not special
me: u are to me
a: you haven't done anything with me you haven't done with soemoen else
a: how so?
me: yea w someone i was married to
me: i dunno u just are
a: you're weird
a: I'm not
me: hahah why??!?
me: bcuz ure special to me, I'm weird?
a: what's so special about me?
me: no clue I wish i freaking knew
a: that too
a: you really need to get laid
me: else am i weird
a: just are
me: wtf no i don't plus i'm raggin
me: nah im not
a: wtf i was gonna come over
me: lol right
a: oka
me: day 2 the worse
a: oh well
a: your loss
a: hahah
me: u got jokes...cute
a: right
Me: :)
a: well... i actually have an early morning, so i'm going to try to crash
a: ttyl?
me: okee too.. i hope I can sleep. y ou have good night
me: yes..
Me: bye bye
a: you too. night

Thank god he said he needed to go as my phone was dying and i can't charge and use it at the same time since it is broken from the plug thingy! Gawd I wanna jump his bones! I knwo that is not happening anytime soon that's for sure. :( I miss him soooo sooo soo much!!!!!!!!!! Okay well i need to get back to work..adios!

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