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2012-04-10 15:00:02 (UTC)

Flying without wings

Today, I started my zoning! Woke up early enough to do my exercises although I didn’t have time to do any early morning reading as I had an early start at work but things are generally looking good 

It looks like my business is finally starting on the right path. I seem to have secured an investor partner and another partner that will run the operations of the business and I can concentrate on procurement and development.

I should be ecstatic and very happy as I am flying…..but unfortunately I am flying without wings as nothing as really changed on the wife front. She is insisting on caring on for the sake of the children but in a sham marriage at least that is what I think are suggestion is. I have been advised by several people to move out but I just can’t for many reasons. The main one being when I move out I want it to come freely from the bottom of my heart not something I force. I don’t also play games (she does) , I will not be calling her bluff on this issue by moving out. I have an obligation for my kids and my parents in this marriage and most importantly God. I have very weak moments when I am so low but I just have to find the strength to carry on.