Just for Today
2012-04-10 13:02:44 (UTC)


Got home around 9 pm last night, started talking to an old friend from Quebec City on facebook then around 11:30 she called and we talked on the phone till almost 2 am, I went to bed at 2 and woke up at 4 am and started talking to her again till 6 am. When I met her she was just a teenager and now she's a sexy 22 year old, same age as my ex gf. It's like women hit 22 and they blossom. Spoke to my ex gf this morning at 7:30, she has a swollen lymph node probably from being sick for the last week, she spoke really soft on the phone then had to get her self and our daughter ready to go, she has to work and needs to take our daughter with her and they're both sick as fuck. I wish I could be there to take our daughter so she can work with out the stress of having a sick kid to deal with but I can't. I'm hungry, I guess I'll cut up some broccoli and red pepper and munch on that for a while. listening to this dude I live with talk on the phone drives me crazy, he never shuts up, this guy will talk non stop until he runs out of breath and only pauses for a split second to refil his windbag lungs. This guy pays $50 a month to go to the gym and all he does is walk real slow on the treadmill, the gym is 2 blocks away and he drives his car there, he eats nothing but junk food, pizza, kraft dinner, mcdonolds, burger king. He never stops talking, he'll start talking to you and you have to just walk away and as you're closing the door to the bathroom and starting the shower his lips are still flapping. He has full blown conversations with his dog and that is troubling.