Confessions of a married woman
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2012-04-09 18:08:17 (UTC)

Easter and Misc

I have seen and experienced some fucked up things in my life, no doubt, but even if I didn't see what I'm about to tell you my sister and mom gave me the same story about what my sister did this Easter.

I decided to sleep in this Sunday, when my little sister J called me, "please bring little E's Easter basket because he is crying his eyes out. D (my other sister), just left him at home and only took A with her, and she was making fun of him because she wasn't taking him." I cannot believe my sister would do that to her child, tease him about not taking him and driving away with just her other child. E is only 2 and I hope to God he doesn't remember this. Just because that bitch was on non speaking terms with her husband doesn't mean she needs to make her kids suffer. I am so mad at her. I don't even want to see her. I cannot believe she would do that to my nephew after all the shit she talks about her step son's mother's she is not allowed to do that ever again in my presence, because she is beyond worse, what a heartless unappreciative bitch! My mother especially does so much for her, does her and her family's laundry, cleans, cooks for them all and she still doesn't appreciate that. I have told my mother multiple amount of times, stop washing for her! Let her do regular household stuff that everyone must do. My mom said that she felt bad that she comes home from work all tired and then she would have to clean up/wash. I said really? Welcome to the real world. That's what you and I have to do! I felt so bad for my brother-in-law yesterday. I hate to be the one that says this but this is what drives men to do what they do as their side business. I swear he should have slapped her when she did that to their son. If I was there I would have! I am so hurt for my nephew that I really wanted to cry. I did get teary eyed especially when I saw and heard my mom sobbing for my little thing E. We packed up a blanket his easter eggs and off we went to buy some food and drinks to picnic with at the park. We

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