Lost Soul

~This Crazy Life Of Mine~
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2012-04-06 23:45:05 (UTC)


I'm full of many doubts right now.. Did I do whats right for both my son and I. Or did I make a very big mistake?? I do love him but we are so different now. We are 2 very different people that just don't fit right anymore. Its a love come and gone.. Too many years have past and there is no hope anymore. I don't see him like I use too. Sure he's changed and is a good man but not my kinda good man. I'm the type of person who needs hugs and kisses everyday. And well lets face it he's not cut out for that kinda stuff anymore. So here I sit yet again with a broken heart and crushed dreams... I will rise again.. until then I will be... A lost soul wandering the dreadful earth...