Glass Is Just Too Small

Theres something in my ice
2001-10-10 04:30:52 (UTC)

Ohh what a wonderfucknful life i live.

Dude, what is wrong with me? I need to let him go yet i
fuckn cant. He is always on my mind. I need to let this
whole past year go. It did me NO good. He cheated on me,
i cheated on him. I fell in love, he kept cheating. I
asked him not to see her and i broke up with him. He kept
seeing her and we kept hanging out. I talk to her on a
regular basis, he lies to both of us. Yet, he is
wonderful. I love him like i have never loved another. I
dont think its possible to love someone like i love Micah.
Him and i connect. Sometimes i think about the future and
how bad i want to spend the rest of my life with him. Then
other times i think what in the fuck am i doing wasting my
money and my time going to see him. He cant let her go.
Why cant he let her go?? Doesnt he understand that NO ONE
will love him like i do. Obviously not!

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