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2012-03-26 14:36:22 (UTC)

don't know

I know I need to be writing more but I can't seem to do it. I find myself thinking about it a lot but I find myself growing cynical of the whole thing. I re-read some of my entries and I don't see any "progress". I feel happier overall. My stress level has decreased dramatically. I have emotional highs I haven't experienced in a long time and some I have never experienced before. There are moments that it seems like God is looking down directly at me and smiling. The only problem is that the fall from those highs can be hard and fast. So fucking hard. But I'll take it. I'll take every second of heartbreak to experience those highs. I never imagined I could feel like that. When I lay in bed every one of those "high" moments wash over me like I am reliving them. The lows go away. Those highs will be with me forever.