heather renee
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2012-03-26 06:19:01 (UTC)

how do you know .....

how do you know when the one your with is the one you are meant to be with?

how do you know when he means everything he says ... i want to believe him .. i want to just be with him but he is always so negative not that i blame him and it makes it super impossible to understand his side especially when he never seems to understand my side or where i am coming from ... oh man even after saying all that i wish i could help you see how much i truly love love him, i hate how hes been raised to think he cant be anything or ever just have a normal loving life with us and the girls.

he can be anything he wants to be and he has so much raw talent but its almost like my opinion isn't coming from a high enough social status to matter breaks my heart because I'm probably his number one fan.

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