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2012-03-25 18:40:31 (UTC)

my life..

It all started out before i was born.. My mom grew up in mexico and ranaway to here to live with my aunt. My dad grew up in beliz and ranaway to here to live with my uncle. My uncle was married to my aunt my aunt had two kids one was his one was not. My mom met my dad and automatically got pregnant by him. ( she got around alot).

It was a really bad relationship between the two. They always argued my mom had 3 babies with him that she never wanted and took every chance that she could to remind them of it in little ways. Well here comes me being born by her. I was the middle child. The doctors asked her if she wanted to hold me. She said "No, i have 18 more years to deal with her". They asked my dad if he wanted to hold me and of course he said yes and held me gently.

They say that a relationship with your child can be told when their born. I geuss that saying was true.

(to be continued)