Margaret Buttons

2012-03-21 07:55:06 (UTC)


If there is one thing that to hate- it is to WASTE TIME! (which i am bound with)
why i think that this fucker(whoever he is) maneuvers me to a time wasting capsule.
In attempt to convert myself into a better NORMAL person,i go play with the lame fire most of the time, whatever it is in there,i INDULGE,whereas i have better things to do in my mind like polyphones, practice skillful playing in whatever,harmonize hue and trash- and most of the time that fucker(whoever he is) leave me no choice but to suck me in his crappy capsule hole.YEYYYY WTF

Im even dead when im awake, and the NEED to sleep is such a waste, If only i can dream without sleeping..o wait i think i am..tooooooot.
I want my own station without having time,being careless and selfish without being judged,i NEED time to do things that i want, not complying with anyone, not complying to the world (for a while), then when im done, I shant be freed from my own station and become a better drolling person.

"Ei bitch!everything happens for a reason,STOP whining!"

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