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2012-03-19 19:04:50 (UTC)

A Wet Monday and Having to Work on a Tuesday

I was so looking forward to a day off today, having worked a 9 day fortnight, so I was very disappointed when Hayley decided tht she needed to take the day off to move out of her flat. I know its not her fault but it is extremely frustrating. I did, however, manage to go home a few hours early when my boss went off to a meeting. I used the time to go to the library and pick up a book I had ordered. Maus II is the second part of a graphic novel about the Jews and their treatment by the Nazis and others in and around WWII. I read this second part in one session. It was good but I think I preferred the first part, before the protagonist is interned in Auschwitz.

It would have been very easy for me to just keep sitting on the sofa but I made myself go to Zumba. It meant paying my gym fees - over $400 for only six months, but hopefully I will get some use out of it. I didn't want to pay more just in case we find somewhere to move to. Zumba is so hard but fun really and I enjoy it so much more than just going to the gym.

Andrew cooked thank goodness and then we watched The Tourist. It was an OK sort of film but a bit slow.

Received an email from Stephanie (book club) asking if she had missed any emails. I hope she comes along to Nicolas otherwise there will not be too many of us. The grotty weather we are having at the moment may well put some people off too.