Thoughts From A Quirky Redhead
2012-03-19 10:12:05 (UTC)

Sunday Trading

Seemingly we are going to have all day Sunday trading over the period of the Olympic Games if the Chancellor has his way. I have the feeling that if this comes to fruition, it won´t end after the Olympic Games. No way, Jose.

But why do want Sunday trading anyway? Because a large amount of the population work anti social hours! Many people here in Spain don´t conform to the old fashioned nine to five, Monday to Friday working week either. My local town Trevias is typical of those all over Spain. It´s what English towns use to be like. We have a small supermarket as well as a newsagents, a butcher, a greengrocer, optician, an electrical shop & a haberdashers. Monday to Friday they are all open from 9.30 to 1.30 & then again from 4.30 to 8 in the evening. On Saturdays they just open in the morning.

It has a real community spirit. Not only do you go there to shop but to see who else is ´downtown´. People stop to chat to their neighbours & friends; never in such a hurry they can´t stop to speak,

Sunday is a day of prayer, a family day. Churches are full. After Mass friends & family go for coffee in the local bar. Many will either gather in the matriarchs house for a lunch that lasts until nightfall. Others stay in the bar for a three course lunch that also lasts until supper time.

People don´t need to go shopping on Sundays. I know which way of life I prefer. No, I´m not heading back to London any time soon!

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