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my submissive life
2012-03-18 01:36:56 (UTC)

Punishment and Play

I earned 11 demerits this week for failing to follow orders, failing to follow my diet, and failing to complete all my chores. Today I was going to be punished. My Dom decided that 11 demerits should equal 11 lashes to 11 different body parts. Since 11 was still a relatively low number, each lash would be full, or near full, force. None would be delivered to my ass. I enjoy ass spankings too much for them to ever constitute punishments. Instead I received the following:

1. 11 lashes of the cane to the soles of my feet.
2. 11 lashes of the cane to my calves.
3. 11 lashes of the cane to the backs of my thighs.
4. 11 swats with the wooden hairbrush to each of my inner thighs.
5. 11 strokes of the heavy belt to my pussy.
6. 11 lashes of the cane to the tops of my thighs.
7. 11 strokes of the heavy belt to my back.
8. 11 swats with the wooden hairbrush to each of my tits, right on the nipple.
9. 11 lashes of the cane to my stomach.
10. 11 lashes of the cane to my knuckles.
11. And finally, 11 barehanded slaps across my face. My Dom was seated as I kneeled in front of him for this. He used the opportunity to spit in my face several times. I was ordered to say, “this pathetic pig-slut thanks you for teaching her a valuable lesson” after each hard slap.

After the physical punishment was completed, I was made to stand in the corner like a naughty girl for 20 minutes. I was then directed to kneel in front of the coffee table and handwrite, “I will strive to be a more obedient pig-slut” 200 times.

My Dom was very disappointed in my poor behavior this week. He decided to spend the rest of the day reminding me of my place. He started by putting me into a very tight hogtie. “How does that feel? Good? Not too uncomfortable? Just wait.”

He took rubber bands and put them around each of my feet. He then started snapping the rubber bands against the tops and soles of my feet over and over again. It quickly went from irritating to painful and I was soon pleading with him to stop.

“Awww, poor little pig-slut wants me to stop? Well go ahead and make me. Stop me. Try to get away.” I started squirming but got nowhere. “That’s right slut, you can’t move. You can’t get away. You are stuck, helpless, completely in my control. I can do whatever I want to you. Something you’d do well to remember in the future.”

He returned to torturing my feet with the rubber bands. “Stop! Please Sir! Please stop! I can’t take it. Please have mercy. Please do something else. Please torture me somewhere else! Please! Anything! Torture me somewhere else, please!”

“Is that what you really want?”

“Yes Sir!”

“You don’t even know what I might decide to do next. Are you sure you would really prefer something else without even knowing what it is?”

“Yes Sir. Just please stop.”

“Okay.” He walked away from my feet, much to my relief. I slowly stopped crying and tried to regain my composure. He came and squatted down in front of me. “Let’s see…I think next we’ll play with some clothespins. I think I’ll see how many I can put on your face. Yeah. I know you don’t like that. They hurt. And worse, I know you worry about the rather visible marks they can leave on your face. But I don’t care about that today. And if you start whining about them for even a second, I will go right back to snapping the rubber bands on your feet again.”

He took out a bag of clothespins and started applying them to my face. Several on my lips, my eyebrows, my ears, my neck, and my nose. My face was in agony. When he couldn’t fit anymore on my face, he amused himself by toying with the ones already there. “How’s that feel, slut? Hurt? They’re on there pretty tight. I bet they are going to leave marks and bruises that last for several days. Ha. Sucks to be you.”

I was groaning in pain but afraid to say anything. He took out my cell phone and started taking pictures of me with it. “I’m setting one of these as your wallpaper. You better not change it. Don’t delete any of them from your phone either because I may ask you to send them to me sometime. Understand, slut?”

“Yesth Thsir.” I could barely talk.

“So let’s leave those sit a little longer. Shall I go back to the rubber bands?”

“Nooo Thsir.”

“Okay, I can find something better.” He rolled me onto my side so that my front was exposed to him. He reached and grabbed my nipples. He started squeezing and twisting and pulling them – hard. I was soon shouting in pain. “What’s the matter painslut? Too much for you? And you pride yourself on enjoying pain. Your tolerance sucks. You’re pathetic. All I’m using is two fingers and you’re practically in tears. Poor little nipples. I think I’ll amuse myself by doing this for a good 5-10 minutes.”

“Nooo!” He ignored me. He continued to torture my nipples. When I opened my mouth to scream he would spit in my face and tell me to shut up. He pinched and tortured my nipples until I was sobbing.

“What’s the matter, slut? Feeling sorry for yourself? Feeling helpless? Good.” He returned his attention to my face and none too gently pulled the clothespins off. He laughed and held a mirror up to my face so I could see the damage. I knew when Monday came I would have a hard time covering the bruises left behind.

My Dom took two of the clothespins and put them on my incredibly sore nipples. He then rolled me back onto my stomach, crushing and hurting my nipples even more. He went into the bedroom and returned with a pair of my used panties from earlier in the week. She shoved them into my mouth and taped them in place, making an effective and disgusting gag. He then left me to go watch TV. I was left alone to deal with the pain in my nipples and growing discomfort from my bonds.

Somewhere between half an hour to an hour later he returned to check on me. I had tears running down my face. He smiled mockingly. “You know if I untie you I’m just going to move on to a new and fun way to torture you. Is that what you want?” I nodded vigorously. “Suit yourself.”

He roughly untied me. I scream into my gag as he removed the clothespins from my nipples and the blood rushed back into them. He put my hands on my head and laughed as he squeezed my nipples for another minute of painful torment. He loved finding one torture to return to over and over again, knowing how it would just continue to get worse for me.

I was crying and my Dom was laughing at me. “So first you beg me to spare your feet and now you want me to spare your nipples. You’re pretty demanding today. Do you want your ass spanked for a while?”

“Yes, please Sir.”

“I don’t think you’ve earned it yet. You have to learn to accept the pain I give you and realize that whether you are tied up or not, you are helpless to do anything other than accept it. Can you do that?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Really? I doubt it. But I’m happy to put you to the test. Here’s the deal. You will kneel in front of me and clasp your hands behind your back. You will keep your hands clasped behind your back no matter what. I am going to spent the next ten minutes torturing your nipples and face some more. If you release your hands, or attempt to move away or shield yourself, you will not get your beloved ass spanking. Instead I will tie you up and torture in much less enjoyable ways for the rest of the night. If you manage to accept the pain I give you without resisting me, I spank your ass like the naughty girl you are and maybe even let you cum for me. Understand, slut?”

Reluctantly, “yes sir.”

True to his word my Dom had me kneel in front of him with my hands behind my back. For ten minutes he amused himself by slapping me across the face, pinching and pulling my nipples, and putting clothespins on my face and nipples and yanking them off again. I was sobbing in pain but managed to hold the position without moving away. I understood what he meant by learning to accept the pain. I cried and felt sorry for myself, but I knew that this was what I needed. After ten minutes of miserable suffering, I was finally rewarded with my spanking.

My Dom gave me a few minutes to compose myself before pulling me over his knee and going to work on my ass. He warmed me up with his hand and then moved on to the belt and paddle. He continued my spanking until I was again crying. But instead of begging for mercy, I only thanked him. He had me kiss the belt and paddle to express my gratitude.

When my ass was red and bruised, he finally decided I had had enough. He decided to fuck me and gave me permission to cum during it. He laid on the bed and had me get on top and straddle him. He said since I was a whore, I should do the majority of the work. When I didn’t fuck him fast or hard enough, he slapped my sore ass or grabbed my nipples and began squeezing them painfully. Right when I was about to cum he pulled me down towards him by my aching nipples and slapped my face repeatedly – making sure that I was simultaneously screaming in pleasure and pain.

“You are such a filthy whore. What kind of woman allows herself to be tortured like this? What kind of woman begs to be tortured and treated like a painslut? And here you are, happily fucked with your ass, nipples, and face all red and aching. You are so pathetic. Aren’t you? Aren’t you a pathetic whore?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Yes sir, what?”

“Yes Sir, I am a pathetic whore.”

“I thought so. And I don’t sleep with pathetic whores. Get off the bed and onto the floor. That’s where you will sleep tonight. Whores have to learn their place. Don’t they?”

“Yes Sir.”

I slept that night on the floor next to my Dom’s bed. I was in pain on many levels, but grateful to him for taking the time to give me the pain and humiliation I so craved. The pain and tears were a relief to me. Whispering “thank you Sir,” I drifted off to a peaceful sleep.