worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2012-03-18 00:43:47 (UTC)

Week Ten

Monday AM:
Since you said you will be having a slow week at work, I’m going to give you some extra work to keep you busy. First, before you leave for work, insert your Ben Wa Balls into your pussy. You will do this every day this week. You will reel them rolling around inside you all day, every day. It will no doubt keep you very aroused. This week will be very sexually frustrating for you since I intend to keep you aroused and have no intention of letting you cum. Deal with it.
Second, let’s make the most of that stuffed pussy today. I want you to really feel the balls inside you. And since it’s going to be a slow day, you’ll have lots of time to kill. So every hour, on the hour, you will stand in the center of your office and do 20 jumping jacks. Do them high and hard so you can feel the movement of the balls in your pussy. Careful not to let them drop or you will be severely punished.
Third, for any and all of the rest of your free time today, you will write in a notebook. You will write the same sentence over and over again as many times as you possibly can. The sentence is: “I am a lazy painslut and I like having balls in my pussy.” Fill as much of the notebook as you can. Leave it lying on your desk when you leave for the day.

Monday PM:
Take the balls out of your pussy, suck them clean, and place them on the table by your front door. Take off your clothes and put on your old, ugly, one-piece bathing suit. Take a box of raw rice and start pouring it into the suit – front and back. Make sure to get a lot in the crotch, ass, and around your tits. Use the whole box if you can. Do your chores and follow your normal nightly routine, but do not remove the suit for any reason. You will also sleep in it. You will have to deal with the raw rice scratching and irritating your skin all night long. I’m sure it will hurt to sleep on. Enjoy.

Tuesday AM:
Be careful taking the suit off this morning, you will collect all the rice and save it in a container – it will be your dinner. You may not shower this morning. You also may not wear any deodorant or perfume. I want you feeling rank today. Today, with your Ben Wa Balls in your pussy, you will do squats and lunges for me at work. 20 squats and 20 lunges every hour. During the lunch hour, you may not eat. Instead, you will write in your notebook, “I am a filthy, disgusting, smelly pig-whore.” Write it repeatedly during the whole lunch hour. And you will write it while on your hands and knees on the floor of your office, like a dog.

Tuesday PM:
Hungry, slut? Cook up all the rice from yesterday. All the rice that was in your cunt and ass and folds of your disgusting flab that was covered with your smelly sweat and god knows what else. Cook it up with no salt or sauce of any kind. Eat it plain, from a bowl on the kitchen floor, like the pig you are. You will do this naked of course. When every last grain is eaten, you may get up and remove the Ben Wa Balls. Suck them clean and put them on the front table again. Since you are probably pretty gross now, you will sleep in the bathtub tonight.

Wednesday AM:
You may shower, but with cold water only. Wear your Ben Wa Balls to work again today. Also wear a large, thick sweater. Bring your nipple clamps. You will go out for lunch today. But first, you will take your bra off and put your nipple clamps on under your sweater. Wasn’t that kind of me to let you wear the sweater to hide the clamps? Make sure wherever you go for lunch is at least one mile from your office. Walk there and back. I’m sure the balls rolling around in your pussy and clamps pulling on your nipples will make for a lovely mid-day stroll. When you get back to your office, you may remove the clamps and put back on your bra. I’m sure your nipples will be very sore, so every half hour for the rest of the day you will stop and pinch/twist/pull your nipples for a full minute to keep the pain level up.

Wednesday PM:
Strip and take care of your Balls. Let’s work on those nipples some more tonight. Every half hour you will take your wooden hairbrush and spank your nipples with it. You will spank your right nipple on the half hour and your left nipple on the hour. You will hit your tit straight on the nipple with the wooden part of the brush 10 times hard. You will repeat this every 30 minutes, alternating nipples, now until bedtime. This should hurt a lot. If you are not in tears by the last session of the night, you have been too easy on yourself and will need to be punished.

Thursday AM:
How are those nipples feeling this morning? In addition to wearing your Ben Wa Balls to work again today, you will tape some sandpaper in your bra so that the coarse side rubs against your nipples. The chaffing and irritation will torture you all day. But let’s make it a tad more interesting. Today at work, every hour on the hour, you will go into the bathroom. You will spend 5 minutes fingering your clit. You may not cum! You will make yourself nice and aroused. It will probably harden your nipples, causing them even more pain against the rough sandpaper. After 5 minutes, you will suck your fingers clean and then return to your desk. Repeat this every hour. Each time should increase your arousal level significantly. Email me before you leave for the day and tell me just how sexually frustrated you are.

Thursday PM:
It sounds like you were dangerously close to cumming without permission today. You completely lack self control. Maybe we should get you a chastity belt. Strip, but keep the Ben Wa Balls in. You’ll be wearing them all night and sleeping with them in. Next, get out your paddle. You will paddle the backs and insides of your thighs. You will paddle each area 40 times, hard. Your backs and inner thighs should be bright red and bruised from this. I’m sure you won’t feel like sitting after this so you will spend the rest of the night on your hands and knees. No sitting or standing for any reason. Before going to bed you will take the paddle and give yourself another 10 swats to each tender area for good measure. Do it hard or risk further punishment.

Friday AM:
You’ve had the Ben Wa Balls in your pussy for 24 straight hours now. You will keep them in until bedtime tonight. Filthy slut. You will also wear your large butt plug to work today. That and the Balls should leave you feeling rather stuffed. You will drink at least 2 large bottles of water while at work today. You are not allowed to use the bathroom at all. The pressure on your insides should be very uncomfortable by the end of the day. You will work late today. You will spend an extra half hour at your desk writing in your notebook. Write about how your pussy, ass, and bladder feel. Focus on the need to pee and your level of discomfort or pain. I imagine you will be squirming in your seat while doing this. Excellent. Enjoy your suffering.

Friday PM:
You have a long night ahead of you. First, strip, but keep in the plug and balls. Before you can finally pee, you will kneel in the bathroom in front of the toilet. Put your hands behind your head, recite “I am a worthless painslut,” then bend and kiss the toilet seat. Repeat this, both the statement and the kiss, 20 times. Only then may you relieve yourself.
Next, you will exercise for me. Put clamps on your nipples and clit. Run for 30 minutes on your elliptical machine. Then do 100 jumping jacks, 50 squats, 50 lunges, and 50 sit-ups. I’m sure those will feel particularly good with your ass and pussy still stuffed. Do 20 push-ups, making sure that your nipple clamps touch the ground every time you go down. When all the exercises are done, you may remove the clamps. Try not to scream too loudly as the blood rushes painfully back to your nipples and clit.
Finally, take out your cane and cane the tops of your thighs for me. You will deliver 20 hard lashes to them. Each lash should be hard enough to leave a mark. Take a picture of your legs and send it to me when you are done. If the marks aren’t visible, you will be punished. Afterwards, you may finally remove the plug and Ben Wa Balls. Wash them off and set them on display on your mantle. Sleep tonight with your knees and ankles tied together.

Shove those Ben Wa Balls back into your pussy. Now start fingering your clit. Finger it until you are good and wet, but do not cum! When you are nice and wet, use your hand to wipe your pussy; then wipe your filthy cunt juices onto your face. Do it repeatedly for at least half an hour until your entire face is covered with your disgusting, smelly, cunt juice. Take a picture of your filthy face and send it to me. Naturally, you are not allowed to wash your face for the rest of the day.
Next you will prepare yourself for me. I will be over later today. You unlock your front door for me. You will kneel in the vestibule in front of the door. You will kneel with your knees as far apart as possible. You will make sure that your nipples and pussy lips are colored in rep lipstick like a true whore. You will take your largest dildo and shove it into your mouth as far as it can go. You will hold it there. You will then cuff your hands behind your back and wait for me. I will be over eventually, maybe in an hour, maybe in 8 hours. You will not move. You will hold that exact position until I get there. You will think about what a disgusting whore you are. You will think about what your neighbors would think if they saw you like that. You will be prepared to beg me to punish you for being such a filthy pigslut.