Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2012-03-17 02:42:16 (UTC)

Whats that? Go fuck yourself? Ok.

thats kinda how I feel. the butt of a joke thats been carried out for too long. or something. I'm sick, been sick again for a whole week, strep throat or toncilitus, take your pick which one. these giant horse pills I've been taking haven't been too bad, but jesus, I dunno why I keep being sick.

living arrangement hasn't been too bad, but I really should find a new place, although I'll be able to stomach another month here, I'm really hoping to get going, but, in reality the annuity thing will decide that. if it's a no go, then I'll move for may, if it's a go, then Ill wait it out.

in other news I finally found a lawyer who hasn't dismissed my desire to raid my annuity as futile, difficult, or blisteringly expensive. maybe he just figured because we have the same name, it's cool? I dunno, well, looks like I'm going to be waiting until september before I can get my new lawyer to go off and get the money out of my annuity, it wouldn't be so bad, if in the meantime I got a letter from Sunlife saying "we aren't going to have an issue with it", but apparently they need my lawyer to send them a letter on letterhead to do that, and since I don't have the money to pay him yet, he wont do that. it's that lovely catch 22, can't do A without B, B won't do A without C, and I don't have C.

what really pisses me off is that I offered 2 people a deal wherein they'd pay the $3500 I need directly to my lawyer, and they'd get back the $3500 plus 10% of what I got left with, which would be in the neighorhood of $3500, and instead of being standup, they both ran to other ends of the Passive Aggressive I don't want to do it camp, wherein I told them, hey, be up front, say yes or no, don't leave me hanging. they've both left me hanging. it's pathetic. considering the way they both go on and on about how they're always there and stand up for their friends, when you need them most, just so long as you don't actually need them, it's a fine thing to say. whatever.

and so, I've had no calls in 2 days, and I look at my phone and suddenly it's ringing, and of course it comes up call display as my granpapa, and I'm like, "well, this is it" so I answer it, turns out it's not the impending demise of my grandpapa, it's the step grandmother wanting my address so she doesn't have to talk to me on the phone. I'm like. phew, that could have been worse. considering the rampant conversations I've been having in my head about "that call" to say he's run off into the sunset, the dread that filled my mind for those 11 seconds of staring at my phone before I answered it, were not something I needed. sigh.

hoorah. just great. my life as a fish.