2012-03-17 01:18:57 (UTC)

Oh No .

So Ian, Spencer, Hannah, and I are going to the mall tomorrow . I invited Jade, knowing she would invite this guy Bailey . heres this story:

So one day Jade invited McKenzie and me to the mall and Bailey, Billy, Avery, and Evan were there . Jade was not supposed to be at the mall with these people . That was just the first time i got in trouble for lying . it happened again .

So i told her to invite Bailey and i told my mom and everything . then, she backed me into a corner and said Avery and Evan were going too . Ian, Spencer, and Hannah do not know Bailey, Evan, or Avery . So Jade texts me:

Jade: do you think hannah will care ?
Me: naah
Jade: good
Me: but idkk about ian and spencer ...
Jade: oh yeeah . well just ask them and see if they do .
Me: okay
Jade: i hope they dont

So im gunna ask Spencer to play along . Im gunna tell Jade that Ian and Spencer do care cause they dont know these people and i dont want them to feel awkward .

Lets hope this works cause im DONE getting in trouble for Jade .