The meanderings of a mind
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2001-10-10 04:25:55 (UTC)

another song effort

I'm sinking
forgot how to swim
I'm losing
forgot how to win

I can't seem to catch a breath
can't move with this weight on my chest
can't seem to remind myself
what life was like before you left

I don't remember what time the news comes on
i forget i'm tired even when I yawn
I wake up crying and i can't remember why
I don't recall why you left me to die

I forgot how to shift the gears in my car
and I can't remember where said you are
I don't know the words to my favorite song
and I can't remember why you're gone so long

I took a shower and forgot to dry my hair
I forget where I'm going, before I get there
I can't remember the last time i saw your face
I can't remember why you left this place

I'm still here and you are far far away
That's the only thing I remember everyday
I'm sinking I've forgotten now to swim
I'm losing I've forgotten how to win