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2012-03-13 11:19:54 (UTC)

Laying down. A little annoyed..

Laying down. A little annoyed today. It sucks that when I'm at my lows and need someone the most is when I am reminded I truly have nobody. The people I can share everything with can not make me a priority and the person who makes me a priority is the one I can't share anything with. I must follow my heart and be true to my feelings and emotions. I went too long not doing that and it filled me with pain and heartache. At least this time if it ends bad I know I stayed true to myself.

Also, mom showed why I don't talk to anybody and why I don't trust anybody. I knew she would go to Kat to try to find out about my doctor's appointment. I just can't believe she mentioned that I said she was pregnant when it was clearly a joke. That was fucked up shit. That just confirms why I don't tell them anything.