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2012-03-13 02:38:48 (UTC)


My husband and I are celebrating his fathers birthday dinner and his parents house tonight. When everyone was called for dinner, their youngest son decided that it was the perfect time to take a call. His mother just sighed and didn't do anything. Neither did his father. He wears his shoes in the house and always talks back. I can not stand the amount of disrespect he has for his parents. I have no tolerance for how he acts and it just makes me not want to be around him, or his parents. I have a really hard time connecting to any of my husbands family. I am a baker by trade, so since I have odd hours they all make fun and tell me to change careers so my husband can stay out late. They never clean up after themselves or do the dishes. They want my kids to come and visit every day once we have them. But I do not want any influence on how they raise their children put onto mine. I do not know how to deal with all the disrespect and how they walk all over their mom.

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