Confessions of a married woman
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2012-03-12 18:58:39 (UTC)

I need to vent a bit

Hello Strangers!

It's been such a busy time since... well it's been a while.

Things are the same with me of course as time goes by more complicated, but hey I can only blame myself for not making changes. I wish I had a strong will and I could just get the fuck up and do what I gotta do instead of thinking so hard about it.

Anyway, I chatted with my "luv" A a few days ago. I can tell he thinks about me, and that makes me sorta happy. :) I'm on his mind, I don't know as much as he is in mine, but hey as long as he makes that connection, that was on March 2nd. I miss him a lot, but I shouldn't be AAA for him. I thought he was going to stop by on his way home from Oceanside, but he didn't, it would have been the perfect opportunity as my roommate wasn't home. Oh well.

A long long time ago, i had a FWB guy, E, he's like 6'2ish, white boy, blue eyes, and has the body of Eric from True Blood, he's also packing large! He's hot and he's a really good #(%! We have been chatting with each other back and fourth for a few weeks, and he told me that he missed spending time with me, blah blah... so we are going to set something up! I'm excited!

Now for the real world, there is this liquor store that I frequent a lot for fast things like ice, tortillas, ice cream, etc... I have been crushing on the guy forever! He's so cute! He's hipanic but has fair skin and beautiful green eyes. It seems that he is ALWAYS working every day including holidays, I feel bad for this cutie! So I take him Thanksgiving dinner, I've been for the past two years, he always thanks me :). He's so shy and so am I and he's just adorable. SOmeone I'd def like to get to know, but I'm very shy and he seems shy too. Plus I don't even know if he's married or has a girlfriend. I guess I will never know. :( Anyway yesterday I went to purchase ice and a lotto ticket and there was some guy there chatting with him, I could tell he was drunk or something, he was youngy, tall and somewhat cute. He was talking to "my man" about some kind of event... as I approached the counter the drunk guy said, "even she is coming" and my man started laughing and said, "she's coming" and I just smiled and said, "yea sure, I'm coming" so I got my change and rolled out of there, I'm sure bright red! and the drunk guy said "don't worry she will come back".. I said "bye" to my man and walked out the door and the drunk guy says, "goooddd dayummmmmmmm"... omg how embarrasing!!!!!!!!!!!! Really!? It was totally funny and if my man was going and I was invited I would def go! lol I ope I have an excuse to go see him soon. During the summer I have plenty! Ice! hahaha... I really need an icemaker.

We are at time crunch with our annual gala and with my nephew's birthday. How exciting this is when I'm at my best productivity! I think I might invite some guy I met on the POF website. A couple weeks ago, I had to stop in at Target to buy a gift for a babyshower, a few days later I had a message on my inbox from this guy that saw me at Target, HOW EMBARRASING, anyway we have been emailing back and fourth, he has a child which is 8 and he's just cool. We can totally be friends. I am going to invite him to my nephew's party and see if he attends.. haha. Alright Lunchtime!!!! Got to go!

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