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2012-03-11 20:28:28 (UTC)

Woah ...!!

Im almost done spring break shopping . i just needa get some flip flops and im done <3

so, i was walking out of Target and i saw Ian ! and i had seen him likek a month before that sometime and my mom and i were talking after:

mom: that is not the same ian we saw before .
me: yes it is . i dont know another ian .
mom: youre lying .
me: no im not .
mom: i thought his hair was lighter ?
me: no, ians hair has always been dark .
mom: oh, really ? well he is ADORABLE . i think you should date him .

i laughed . he likes someone else anyways . Payton . He actually had me talk to her but she didnt really say anything . oh well . haha !

well just thhought i keep you updated . well, imma go . <3
love yall .
bye .
em . <3