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2012-03-11 03:33:43 (UTC)

Wow . You're One to Talk .

Jade and i have been drifting apart lately . shes been, rude, short, and mean to me .

and today at the cheer comeptition (which i cried cause tht was the last time im cheering for my school :( idec we didnt win!) anyways, i was talking to Sarah Jay about Spencer and Jade was like Spencers ugly . BITCH i have NEVER said tht to you about the guys you like . Bailey: ugly and fat-ish . Brad: UGLY Zac: scary and weird . Austin: ugly .

cmon, dont talk cause EVERY guy you like is U-G-L-Y . so STOP CRITISIZING EVERYTHIGN I DO . i cant help who i like . i came sooooooo close to saying: and you think the guys you like are so hot and perfect ? youre WRONG .

but no i didnt, cause im a good friend and i dont put my friends down or their friends .

just go to hell . im over you . 9years and thats how you wanna treat me ? whatever . bye . im done . i have other friends . people dont even like you cause all you do is gossip and your boy crazy . like thts coool, youre a teenage girl, i get it . BUT ITS ALL YOU TALK ABOUT !!!! SHUT THE HELL UP !

whatever . time to go friend hunting (: well . imma go (:
bye .
love yall <3
em ...! <3