the new me
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2012-03-10 05:01:41 (UTC)


right , so im sat here on the sofa thinking how on earth i ended up here. it was just a few months ago i was happy i had a boyfriend i loved i was just starting a new course within college but then everything got turned upside down.

my boyfriend left me, i fell behind and i have moved out of my mums and into my dads... it is now 5am and i can honestly say my life has hit rock bottom, but nevermind things can only look up from here.

this is why i have created this diary in the first place as i will be documenting the new me , starting tomorrow because after the entry of this diary i will be going to sleep then out for a jog as i need to get fit and theres no turning back... i need to do this , i also need to start drinking alot more water as my skin is getting really bad and must be improved.

so the plan is a short sleep get up wash my face to take care of my skin (and have a rest from the makeup) brush my teeth get ready and try to attempt a jog (this has never happened before so should be interesting) which may actually result in power walking. once home i think a clear out is in order and to sort my bedroom out once and for all unpacking everything from my mums.

okay so it is now 12 mins past 5 in the morning ... i shall be updating this again tomorrow to keep on track of things ... night x

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