2012-03-08 20:53:23 (UTC)

NOT a good day .

So to start off with my bad day, i realized i only have TWO friends AND they dont even go to my school . cause Jade only comes to me when she needs me . any other time, im NOTHING to her . and everyone else is just fake .

then, we have to do this thing where we invite our dads for a brunch type of thing and write them a letter . and i told Jade since her dad wouldnt go that my dad would go for her and me . and she was beating around the bush just saying she had a teacher and stuff . like IF YOU DONT WANT MY DAD TO GO WITH YOU JUST SAY IT ! my god ..be a freaking grown up .

then, my mom treats me like my lil bro is my kid . i have to clean his toys, get him out of a room hes not supposed to be in, get him in and out of the car, carry him around . people look at me like imma slut !

and then i have people putting all they stress and drama on me ! like OMG ! i have my own to deal with . if i can handle mine, WHICH IS 10X WORSE THAN YOURS, you can handle your own.

im just so over people, its not even FUNNY !

imma go . <3
love yall <3
bye .
em .

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