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2012-03-07 21:54:50 (UTC)


I got my money back from my friend that I loaned 1,500 for an atty. Yay!! Now I just need the 500 from my other friend. Now a different friend wants to borrow money to fix his car. Sheeezz!!!

Anyway, I got my eye on this SUV that looks good and is pretty cheap. 2,300 so that aint bad. The auto shop that serviced this suv throughout the years told me it's in good condition. All the crappy expensive fixes known on this vehicle has been done. haha.

So my savings plan will probably be changed. 2,300 less than before. That's about the amount of my tax returns so I lost count but that should make it around 4,500ish.

Now about my love life? Still nada. My roomie is out for a few days to go watch race cars go around in circles in Nevada so if there is a good time to score, it would be this week! lol I'm sure I won't and will be bluer than ever!