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2012-03-07 09:07:03 (UTC)

Traitor, Holzschuh

I always said it would be wiser to keep a low profile but you attention whores did not listen.

I understand that you chose to protect your chidren, but that doesn't make you any less of a rat. Because it weren't your children that brought you into trouble. It was your biiiig ego. You wanted attention? Now you have it.

You sold us to "them".
Guess what, "they" will fuck you over, regardless of what "they" promised you. Because "they" know and you know and all of us know how useless it is to chop off one head of the hydra, "they" will state an example on you in an "Kill the first one and the word will spread" style attempt.

Maybe you took into consideration that ideas are bullet-proof when you betrayed us. Maybe not. No-one fucking cares.
The many will neither forgive nor forget what you have done. You are offishly screwed. Expect them to ass-raep you. Without lube.

For the rest of you:
Gentlemen, it was an honor to ride with you.

This goes to an old friend: You can always count on me. Remember what I told you.
I hope it's not too late for you to cover your ass.

take care, stay safe