2012-03-05 12:49:56 (UTC)

3/5/12 China Monday

-had many dreams last night; woke up 3am, 4am, then 6am; had morning sex--had diff time inserting and he is blaming me for forgetting how to do it; he left at 7
-i got up at 9:30 trying to catch some breakfast; but was told the breakfast was over; wasted 200 rmb, well, i was hanging out at the club at least
-packed everything; checked out; drove home; got lost for a lil while but the GPS is working ok
-so hungry and had lunch at home
-mom is not feeling worse and worse each day; she wants to check in to the hospital again; we r gonna go to a new hospital tmrw
-stayed at home for the whole day; dad went grocery shopping and cooked dinner; uncle came to visit for a while
-gonna take a shower and browse online a lil