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2012-03-04 03:20:53 (UTC)


this entry is for people who are bullied and depressed or suicidal . I just watched this video of this girl who has depression and attempted suicide over 20 times .I just wanna say, to those people:

yes, life may be hard . and you're prolly thinking she doesn't know what i go through . no I don't but everyone goes through different things . I'm bullied, I cry all the time . I have 3 friends . actually like 2, things at home aren't the best . but you can't let it get to you . keep your head high . suicide is never the answer, it doesn't solve anything . if your ever feeling down, try one of these:

1. take a piece of paper, write down everything good about you, decorate it, make it your own, and hang it somewhere you will see it everyday . it's works . it helps boost your confidence and make you feel better about yourself .

2. if you ever get mad, punch a pillow, get a stress ball, take a nap, go somewhere so you can be alone, scream, scream into a pillow, count until your calm . it heps you release all your anger .

3. need space ? don't run away or kill yourself . just simply take a walk . it helps you clear your mind and get away from everyone .

REMEMBER YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL ! I follow these steps ALL THE TIME and they help me soo much . it's more helpful than killing or harming yourself . and if you ever need to talk, I'm always here . bye (:

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