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2012-03-04 01:19:51 (UTC)


I am so madly in love with Camden. He told me the biggest mistake he ever had done was break up with me. Then one day it was cold outside and i had left my jacket outside and he put his arm around me and he hugged me and he said I love you more than anything. Then came valentines day and he got me a teddy bear that said hug me. He got me chocolate box shaped as a heart and it said qt as in cutie. Then a day later he told me to stop telling myself that I wasn't pretty because I was beautiful. And when the dance came he made me dance and we held hands. It was so awesome. But Kyley has to ruin it. Everyone knows that she is prettier,funnier,and a lot better than me in every way and she comes along and sh*ts on my parade.... not literally. She gets Camden to fall in love with her. So now he likes her more than me. And im just heart broken..............AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One day she is over at a friends house with this girl named Katrina and they were so mean to me........ So i wen into the bathroom and cried.... Those 2 stupid girls made me cry. So Tanner R. fell in love with me because we sit next to each other in 3rd period and we flirt and i realized i like him. So i tell him and he likes me too. So he tells all his friends. Camden finds out and is sad. I am the bad guy now. I felt so bad. So i told him i like you as much as you like me. And he smiled then i said i like Tanner R. as much as you like Kyley. Then he frowned. I can tell that he loves Kyley. But shes got a hes not gonna ask her out. For Tanner R. this is good. He loves me and i like him. I always wear his hat..... He has this really cool monster hat.