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2012-03-03 03:51:12 (UTC)


Weird day. Cutie called and asked me out to dinner. So we did. It was nice. Went to my favorite restaurant. She's with the single parent group and so her kiddo was there too. Mostly just small chit chat but I did tell her I was thinking of leaving the group since I don't really see my kiddos or should I say my Ex's kids? She said I shouldn't leave but I can see that my path in life is changing so it's inevitable. I'll give it some time and careful thought. Didn't realize I've been with this group for years now and I've become good friends with the people in the group.

On a lighter not, I created a new dart team. It's like a bowling league but with darts instead of a bowling ball. Anyway, I recruited one of the better players for their rating. The head guy running this even told me so. I can't wait. I would usually say it's to relieve some stress once a week from work but hey, I love my new position at work so it's one of the only few things going good for me at the moment.

Not sure if I mentioned this on my previous entries but the Ex called me and said she is going/seeing a shrink.

I may be bored lately but I guess some people are busy making changes in their lives. lol