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2001-10-10 04:19:17 (UTC)

*!October 9th, 2001!*

Dear Diary,
How are you? I'm fine...just a little bored. I didn't
do anything after school today besides sit around and chat
online. I can't wait until tomorrow. Me and Cliff are
going to hang out. He's really into me so I hope we will
end up having a relaionship. I'm getting sick of being
alone. I'm not going to date him just because I'm
lonely...I do like him. But I really do want to be with
someone. And I think he would be good for me. He's really
into going to church and playing music. I just think we
would make a good match. And his best friend likes me and
approves of that's always a good thing. We all
have a great time hanging out. and my old
friend Karen (or whatever I want to consider her) almost
got in a fight. She was talking mad crap at school today
and it was really pissing me off. We ended up just talking
things out and were cool again...but she really does bug
me. I don't know how me and her ever became friends. Doo
do doo do...I don't know what to talk about. I mainly just
use this diary to type all my thoughts...even if they don't
make sense. I forgot to tell you, this T.A. at my school
named Joe wants to hook up with me. He's a really, really
nice guy but I'm not sure if it's the best idea. I kinda
want to but I don't know...he wants to hang out tomorrow
nite and go bowling...I told him that I would love to. But
I'm really going with Cliff. I don't know what I should
do. I'm so frickin' confused all the time. I'm so
incredibly stressed out these days. Mostly just guy
problems...but it's really getting me down. Crap sorry, I
have to cut it short...I have so many things going on rite
now. I will write again tomorrow. Thanks for listening ;)
Love me

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