2012-03-02 00:25:40 (UTC)

Adrian Macedo

adrian is a one of a kind antisocial person. he uses academic achievements, or extracurricular activities; anything he can get his hands on to block out the person inside of him that needs to talk. except, i was exactly like him once before. i do not plan on him ending up i want him to be my friend. i would like for him to be a close friend, but he won't open that easily. it's a race now to see who goes first...well, it's not a race. because either way i'll be happy once he finally gets the friends he wanted to talk to.

jose said he needs to be supported. if this is true...well, of course it is. everyone needs to be supported. his eyes gave away the loneliness he masks, but just because he's lonely doesn't mean he's alone. that's his mindset. once in a while people need to let it all out, and i have no clue as to how he's been holding the dam for so long to be accepted....this school must be hell for him. i know for a fact if i'm holding in emotions, other emotions get worse and seem to magnify every small bad thing that happens.

...he called me a faggot. what a fucking prick. out of everything i told him not to call me...i told him he could call me anything else but he knew exactly what i thought about that he uses it anyway.

go fuck yourself.

ANYTHING else and you call me a fag, no i don't work like that i'm sorry.
anyway my mind has been orbiting emilio fernandez. is that weird? it's not that i'm attracted but it seems adrian's not the only one with social anxiety issues.

i wonder what adrian's hugs feel like.