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2012-03-01 22:46:00 (UTC)


so, Mckenzie, Abby, Alex, Darcie, Jade, and I got into a HUGE argument over a PICTURE !

so this picture of me and Aidan was put up and Hannah was blowin up my notifications and put EW on it . so i was joking around and was like agree . just as a JOKE . so McKenzie and Alex took it the wrong way and got all defensive . And the only reason Alex commented was because her cousin is dating Aidan . i told them BOTH to get off my picture MULTIPLE TIMES and they finally did . so then when Alex and McKenzie stopped, Darcie and Abby jump in . so did Jade . and the argument continued . 79 comments on this picture . there was NO CUSSING and i did not say anything mean . McKenzie and Darcie on the other hand DID ! they said i was jealous, mean and that no one cared about me . and i was like since when have i EVER cared what everyone though anyways . so then, Darcies mom jumps in and is like: can we just be done and delete the photo . no one listened, we all kept on . she said it again . so then, Abbys mom was like: this stops now ! or else i take it to the principle . so Darcies mom was like: i agree . i have asked twice for it to be taken down . and Abbys mom goes: Abby, Mckenzie, Darcie, and Alex delete your comments now ! you are obviously arguing with people who just want to hurt you .
so then, the cheer coaches were all like: that is the worst we have EVER seen from you guys and blah blah blah, you could get kicked off the sqaud for this .

its NONE OF YOUR BUISNESS ANYWAYS ! and if McKenzie woulda kept her big mouth shut, we wouldntve had tht . it coulda been an inside joke, she coulda been referring to me, she coulda been referring to the whole relationship, so SHUTUP !

im just like whatever . so anyways, Spencer, this kid who goes to another school, likes me . And then Ian, someone who goes to the same school as Spencer and is like his best friend, likes me too . I THINK ! and i dont wanna be the one who tears a friendship apart cause they both like me . im not like tht . so well see how this goes .

well, just though id keep you updated . imma go . <3
love yall .
bye . <3
em .