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2012-03-01 07:45:54 (UTC)

A night I wish I could forget

Thursday, March 1, 2012 6:53:49 AM
I close my bedroom door
Anticipation fills my mind
Alone in my own misery
To keep the world blind
I pull out my sharpest blade
So I can cut away the pain
It won't keep building up inside me
If I release it from my vein
My first cut is made in hesitation
The second splits my skin
As my blood is seeping out
A warm tingle fills within
A rush throughout my body
Fading out and fading in
I rest my back against the wall
Below my neck, I rest my chin
The blade slowly hits the floor
As my fingers slide apart
My eyes have no more vision
A slow beat within my heart
I no longer feel my body
As I'm falling to the ground
I want to scream for help
But my voice won't make a sound
I am conscious hours later
In a sea of blood and sweat
My scars help me remember
A night I wish I could forget.