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2012-03-01 07:42:18 (UTC)

I cant hold on that Long...

Thursday, March 1, 2012 6:49:56 AM
Can you give me what I need,
A hand, a heart, a will to succeed?
Can you make it possible for me, a little girl,
To live in this, A Huge World?

Everywhere I turn, I see visions of a bloody knife,
I even have dreams, I take my own life.
If I'm strong enough, I'll live long enough to see my kids,
And do something constructive with my life, other than this.

Is a love unforgotten supposed to be like this,
From when I met you, to our last kiss?
Was I supposed to die, right there in your arms,
Was I supposed to be strong, and safe from harm?

All I ever wanted was a shelter to run to,
One that was made by you.
One proteced by love,
One that contains a snow white dove.

But then there are times at night,
When the stars shimmer bright,
When I would be wrapped up in my fears,
I'd cry, crystalline tears...

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