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2012-03-01 07:40:41 (UTC)

Cause you don't love me...

Tonight ... I'm in your house,
You welcome me with a vague ... "Hi."
Wishing I could hold you tight,
A single tear comes to my eye.

I know it's hard to be your friend,
When not so long ... you were my mate.
I use to love you ... I was so proud,
Now look at me ... I'm just a clown.

Oh, how I wish I could hold you again,
And show you that life is not the same.
I want to shout my love for you,
And tell the world ... I still love you.

But all I can do is see you walk-by,
Sigh ... when you look away.
Pretend I don't love you at all,
And when alone ... silently cry,
For someone dearly missed,
That may never come back.

My one chance in happiness is slipping away,
He comes to your door, I feel my own death.
I fall into obscurity while you walk away,
Tears overflow my eyes, I wanted you to stay.

I sit in my car looking at the sky,
Praying to God... "Please end my miserable life".
I'm driving away with tears in my eyes,
I shouldn't be driving ... it's blurring my sight,
Then, all of a sudden, I slam on a tree.

I die ... but I'm still crying...
'Cause you don't love me.

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