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2012-03-01 07:38:03 (UTC)


Fall these bitter ashes, scattered across the years.
Let time erode and piece together
Broken words and shattered vows.
Once precepted as reality's perfection
Now an object of distain and utter regret.
Slurred lie your promises
Barricaded by the doubt that overwhelms.
Hidden is the truth, beaten so badly
It bleeds with remorse for nonattendance.
Quiver those lips that dare to speak
Drowned in the freezing reality
That was never doubted.
Burning through the layers of fear
Erode away the doubt and return from blindness.
Crisp are these roses, freshly blackened.
Scream! but the silence echoes
Suffocated by inhibition and the fear that haunts us all.

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