2012-03-01 00:42:34 (UTC)

For a Special Reason

i won't argue about love
everyone has their own opinion
but nobody's going to argue with me
that they have love under control
if they truly did, this world would be a more cold and fucked up place of a hellhole than it already is.

listening to unfaithful by rihanna. makes me angry. but afraid. fear.

because it seems like wrong, really likes my company.

it kills him inside...

wow. he must think i sit there behind desks and computer screens trying to search out every piece of tidbit of information i have and using it to stalk his life. it's actually the opposite...everyone seems to know him, has things to do with him. all these twists in my path where something has to do with finally i take a step forward to see who he is for myself and he's completely creeped out.

fucking typical life of a dumbass bitch named elijah.

i don't wanna do this anymore...