Experienced Life
2012-02-29 21:54:14 (UTC)

Update from friends

My friend sent me a text saying he has my money. The other friend I loaned money to said she will have my money if a few days. So I'll get it back soon. It's all good. I get to lay it all over my bed and roll around naked again. lol

Funny thing happened today. I actually got a call from the ex. We talked about the 20K that her older daughter owes. At least I'm pretending that this is still an issue. She of course says that her daughter doesn't have much. I told them that I'll be making payments to Blue Shield Medical and that her daughter should at least pay 100 a month. It's more to get them off my back more than anything. If I do start getting checks from them then it's all the better. I'll be cashing those checks.

The ex also surprised me by saying she is actually seeing or going to seek counseling. I've been telling her to do this for years now. I don't know how or why but she is now going. Good for her. Maybe the kids stand a chance to have a normal life.

Work is great. I love my job. I got paid today. Since my promotion in Dec, there has been all kinds of adjustments on my pay due to my medical plan changing, SS tax extension and of course my promotion. Today, I saw the biggest monthly paycheck I ever had. I don't really look at gross since it will only depress me. I now get 4,500 a month. Yipeeee!!!! I know my life kinda sucks but at least I'm not doing too bad on my job.

I don't know how much I'll be saving in March. I should be able to save a least 1,000. I'll try for 1,500. That should run my total to 4,460 or 4,960. Then if I save 2K of my tax returns that will make it 6,460-6,960. So my goal of 10,000 by the end of June is reachable. If I stay till the end of the year, then I'll try for 20K but that's way too far ahead. I'll work on end of June results first. I may go nuts by then so I better not count my chicken just yet.