2012-02-29 09:21:59 (UTC)

2 Days Ago

A death sentence was put.
15 years ago, it was sealed.
2 days ago, it was my birthday. Mercyy and lala came. And I saw karla. Victor didn't say happy birthday or kapil, or phil. Adrian. alan. Emilio...greesham. :( but JOSE. Sacramento. Ify. Genaro! :) so many people that mean a lot to everybody. And they're my best friends...and especially jose. The seniors can be a bunch of assholes. Well Emilio has a reason.
You know what? I may like phil, but I love who I have right now. And I just wanna go to school.

Gifts: cologne, bracelets, headphones, earphones, sweater, total money: $290