2012-02-23 16:27:30 (UTC)


I miss this feeling of hatred, toward everyone.
that's the way it should've been.

Every time I let phil walk out without talking to soul dies. Do you know how insanely creepy he must find me now? Oh my god. It's crazy...I'm crazy!

And I can't get with him. and I won't. he's so adorable though...i wanna cuddle him.

I need to be more careful of what I say. I'll get over that soon. I just wanna slam my face in. several times...

I can't speak to anyone. And then Alan and Emilio pass by like fucking nothing. Oh my god what if he tells him what I was saying?

They're both taking the Kimball line?!


I wanna take the bus home...they're keeping me here against my will...:((

Let me go, dammit!
Just help me and be done with me like everyone else....

I'm falling asleep. My arms are sore. I want new friends...and wifi. And other people...