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2012-02-27 00:37:08 (UTC)

Another Medical Bill

Got the bill from Blue Shield. This one was for the Ex. It's only 2,400 so it's not that bad. I'll try to see if I can make a deal and pay 1/2 of it. Otherwise, I'll make monthly payments. I tell you, feels like I gotta cut off my arm to get rid of this parasite of an ex.

Anyway, life goes on. I did my taxes. I get a return. Guess how much it was total for Fed and State? 2,400. Easy come, easy go. I did have to say Mother effer but I'm over it now.

I'll probably save 2,000 out of that and hopefully I can save another 1,000 in March. I know that's thinking too big but I need to try. I'm here in a boring not-so-good place and I'm not going to do this all for nothing.

I'm still going to have some fun. I ordered a 2nd motorcycle helmet (wishful thinking), motorcycle backpack and a portable Webber grill. I say WTF and splurge a little.

I know one thing. I better not be watching any infomercials tonight. lol

That's all for now diary.