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2012-02-25 02:50:23 (UTC)

Wow . You're Cool ?

so tell me this isnt insane .

So couples:

Abby and Aidan
McKenzie and Lennon
Alyssa and Dolan

youll get where im going with this .

So, Aidan doesnt like Abby, he likes McKenzie .

Dolans dating Alyssa but likes McKenzie . McKenzie likes Dolan and is basically gunna break up with Lennon for Dolan .

McKenzie and Dolan hold hands while Dolan and Alyssa and McKenzie and Lennon are still all together .

Alyssa finds out . Alyssa and Dolan go from <3 to </3 .

effed up right ? who does that shit ! like fo real chick, you gotta ruin errbodys life .

and then this bitch thinks she can come at me all like: why you talkin bout me ? grow up ...youre so immature and alls you do is start drama and you act like a 5th grader .

so im all like: mmk . why dont you grow up ? i was just stating my opinion mmk ?

so we get in TWO fights about it and we dont really talk . ha .

she thinks shes SO COOL! shes FAKE ! NO ONE SEES IT OR WILL LISTEN TO ME . like, Alyssa forgave her !!!! i came sooooooooo so so close to telling Lennon cause he has NO CLUE !

im so over it . like for real . well imma go .
bye <3
em .