2012-02-24 12:20:23 (UTC)


..it's weekend.and i am still bored.. those it was a good day.. i went to see my sister today with my niece and we had a good time..family always makes you smile and feel good.. am planning to watch a movie later..like here at home :) i have the time to stay up late and wake up late since it's a saturday the following day..but i will still be working in the afternoon..oh well..i am still working, it will totally be sad if i am not..

there was someone who caught my attention today..nice smile and seems to smell good..:) i think it was the biggest event of my friday..that person hahaha...

i am endelessly listening to this song from lady antebellum..it's I WAS HERE.. i love the song so much that even in my sleep it is still humming in my dreams hahahaha..

and i want ice cream tonight..hhmmmm, maybe i will have to go out a bit and treat myself ...

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