2012-02-23 01:02:52 (UTC)

Backtop Milestone

Backtop. Back to a laptop.

Well, a lot of things have been happening since my Facebook has been gone. I miss Karla already, she was sick. Okay, well...Jose really pissed me off today. With Adrian...they were looking through my grades. What kind of shit is that? It's so bogus...Adrian can basically find out anything now that he knows my ID. Adrian is going to know a lot about me...but he won't reach my personal life.

ergh. Jose...he can just piss me off ultimately sometimes. But i love him. a lot. I mean he understands how much I hate that i love that fucker.

and I talked to Phil today. it's a complete milestone! his face was adorable. as he talks, he doesn't stop smiling. he adjusts his eyebrows and raises them in small movements to keep the glasses on his nose, and takes big blinks too. he's a cute dork omg i have to have him seriously. he's so adorable fml. Anjon... Anjon, this freshman i'm close with called him out for me. i was like, "god. why is that guy wearing such cool pants?" I was thinking out loud because i figured no one else knows phil. and then anjon's like "who? Phil?"


"yes." i responded nervously. so anjon goes, TAPS HIS SHOULDER, POINTS TO ME and goes "HEY. MY FRIEND IS WONDERING WHY YOU HAVE SUCH COOL PANTS." he just smiled at me. he just smiled. but he he said "What..?" and Anjon was like "WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR PANTS?" pinche anjon. So Phil replied "...Uh...I DON'T KNOW MAN." he paused for a sec...and then he's like "HEY ANJON." and Anjon turns around like "WHAT?" and Phil's like "WHY ARE YOU SO HOT?"

lmfao made my life. we were all laughing. but it was cute to hear his laugh. it was cute in general. i want to hug phil. this neverending urge, i want to die.

i have to talk to ify...about serious stooof. i'm really nervous...this is the second time; we got into another stupid fight. i hate, extremely hate fighting with him. a lot. i don't make him angry but i tend to rub the pain off on him. i feel bad...really bad. not to mention his whole crush thingy...i feel bad. I think ify and Aisha would be cute together! and Aisha would be happier with a straight guy.

lmfaoooo. shhhhh. (;

My gaydar is up and working - I need to talk to Phil. I saw his eyes...I'm so close to cracking him open. He just needs to engage direct conversation with me.

Thanks...Anjon. :)