A Year In The Life Of K.G.S
2012-02-22 22:02:01 (UTC)

100 Day Review (Wed)

Ok then here is my 100 day review:

So far for these 100 days I have to say that I have not done too badly at all. Like I always say, things are not perfect but definitely I can see a change in my life. First just doing this diary and trying to keep it up for 100 days is a success. Not mastabating for over 100 days is a success. Working out for the last 100 days is a success. Begining my 401 is a success and reaching $xxx,xxx,xxx in my account is a success. Starting to clean up my apartment is a success. So I can list quite a few successes that I have accomplished over the last 100 days.

There are how ever many areas in this contract that I am going to have to improve on before I open up my "Yearly Box" come Novemver 12th of this year. So far, I have not done or began any of the readings that I promised I would (such as reading the Bible and other books). I have not yet brought a car. I have not yet began to eat totally properly yet. I have not yet gotten another job yet, and finally, I have not yet tried 100% to become "The Best Person I Could Possiblely Be" by always remaining discipline and focus on a daily bases. And this so far will be the biggest challenge to me moving forward over the next 264 day left in this contract.

Only time will tell if I will be able to concur this most daunting task!!

Stay focus KGS, stay focus!!!

KGS (14712)

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