Thalia's Thoughts
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2012-02-21 06:02:06 (UTC)

My best friend is leaving me! :(

I don't even know how to react right now besides crying because I'm scared! My best friend is switching schools for the stupidest reason, her older sister has 'drama' *rolls eyes* with some ugly ass fat hoe and her sisters way of dealing with it is by running away to a different school so my best friend has to tag along. And I'm left here having to deal with it.

I can't believe I'm crying right now, like I didn't know I would be so emotional over this but I keep think about how I'm not going to have her walk down the hallways with me laughing about stupid things or talk about dumb shit & just having someone to tell my thoughts!
I only have like 3 other friends 2 of them hate each other now. The other one I barely hang out with because we don't have any classes together. And it just won't be the same because they're not like my best friend, I'm not comfortable being a weirdo with *them* and when its just one on one with either one of them its like beyond awkward, we have nothing to talk about most of the time.
So now I'm feeling really sad, nervous, scared, & now PISSED. Pissed because this is all her fucking older sisters fucking fault! UGH! I hate her so much now! How can she just do this to me?! Taking away my best friend!
I don't even want to talk about this anymore. I'm DONE.

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