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2012-02-21 21:51:57 (UTC)


The english are quite reserved and introductions always seem to be a prerequisite to forming new relationships.

So, despite what they say about NY being aggressive and too fast pace, it may still be better than Lon.

The people in NYC are probs more extrovert which at least translates into a superficial mode of friendliness, at the cost of coming across as brash or sometimes even arrogant or rude. Londoners are ostensibly more reserved and more class conscious, but usually polite and friendly if you strike up a conversation.

The kind of consciousness that brings is not something that can be unlearned overnight. it stays with you.

Architecturally, NYC simply doesn't match up to London. The Manhattan skyline is impressive, or looming, depending on your perspective, but it does get boring quickly, which for me took a few hours.

You need to be within a certain income bracket to experience the best that London has to offer. London offers considerably more variety for higher income individuals, whereas New York offers only marginally more variety at the more affordable level. Furthermore, a key benefit for HNWIs residing within London are the tax regulations, which are less constrictive than those of New York.

I would regard the night life in London and NYC to be on a par, despite NYC being regarded as more of a 24 hour city. Some disagree either way, though this seems to derive from differential knowledge of favorite hang out spots, clubs, bars, restaurants, theaters etc. Both cities have excellent venues.

New York is also a more relevant city in terms of popular culture and emits a WOW factor

the dominant architectural style in london's finance sector, uptown residential, theatre and shopping zones are georgian/neoclassical mixed with modern glass constructions,

putting up a post showing the merits of both cities (or the people therein) doesn't suggest a napoleon complex. the fact that you knee-jerk a defensive response to it is very suggestive, however.