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2012-02-21 18:37:59 (UTC)

Marriage in Chaos

My marriage is in chaos. I am meeting my best friend today to discuss my marriage. He had a 5 hr meeting with my wife a few days ago and he thinks my house is burning and he wants to (in his own words) tell me some home truth. I sense after speaking to my wife he thinks I have so many issues and failed her and my home in many ways. I am disappointed that he isn’t waiting to hear my side of the story before he comes to these conclusions. He is old school. He told me I have failed as a man because my marriage is crumbling. Yes I am no saint but God knows I have poured everything into my role as a husband and father.

I have a feeling I know what he is talking about. All the money I earn goes in two my account that pays for house bills. After that I have little or no money left. I don’t want to grow old doing my desk job. I want to be an entrepreneur. I have ideas and I am confident they will work. To implement these ideas I need money. I am well aware my wife will not support me on this so I have spent some of my credit cards doing this. Worse I even spent some other money (which originally is from my salary) on my business but I also trade on this money in a way that (in theory) I can recoup the capital and return and use the profit for my business. But things do not always work like this and I ended up losing a lot of money. But none of these money has affected the money I pay towards the bill or is costing my wife a single cent. I incur all these debt. I have to admit it is wrong and I have lost a lot of money but if I didn’t do that I will just be depressed. My business gives me a life line and makes life interesting for me. I no longer trade on this money again as I am now close to securing an investor who will pay for this and possibly some of my debt. If I don’t get the investor I may have to close down my business. I want to save my marriage.

I am apprehensive and looking forward to what my friend has to say. Not sure if I will open up to him and let him know how sad I have been for the last one year when I believed my wife was having an affair with her boss and worse she doesn’t seem to understand why I want some TLC from her. My life has been so sad but I don’t want to make it seem like I am throwing this into the mix to look good. I will face the problem I created (losing money) and open up as much as I can to my friend. I am not sure I will open up too much to my wife. I will only explain the things she knows or needs to know> I say this because up till today she has not given me full details of exactly what was going on between her and her boss she says it was only banter nothing else. So why should I now go into details of the funding of my business. I will open up as much as I can and I have stopped doing this.

In all of this I am assuming this is what he has to say. It may be something else which I have no clue about or may shock me.